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DPRG at a glance

Deutsche Public Relations Gesellschaft e.V. (DPRG – the "German Public Relations Association") is a strong professional association for all communications and public relations specialists. DPRG currently has more than 3,000 members representing all the facets of the German public relations sector.

Our goals and objectives:

• Setting standards
• Initiating an exchange of experience
• Sharing knowledge
• Ensuring quality
• Supporting young professionals

DPRG was established in Cologne on 8 December 1958 as the professional association of public relations specialists in Germany. Since then, the association has informed and supported its members in professional matters. Its bye-laws state that the association has set itself the task of improving the reputation of the profession with the general public.

Over the past 50 years or so, DPRG has developed to become a strong professional association for all communications and PR specialists. We now have more than 3,000 members representing all the facets of the communications sector in Germany, ranging from freelance PR consultants to heads of communications at DAX-30 companies. The professional profiles of our members cover all aspects of PR and communications practice.

DPRG is an information hub, a knowledge platform and a competence network. In 15 working parties and 9 state groups, our members find a variety of opportunities for professional interchange and networking. These also include national specialist events such as the International German PR convention or the "DPRGforum". Through cooperation with international partner organizations such as the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications Management, our members have access to a world-wide professional network. In addition they have exclusive access, often free of charge, to a large number of benefits and services.

Every year, outstanding achievements in PR and communications management are honoured by the International German PR Award. The award ceremony, held at the PR Gala each autumn, is an exclusive industry event for PR and communication managers from Germany and other countries. Young professionals can put their PR skills and knowledge to the test by competing for the DPRG Junior Award and the Dr. Albert Oeckl Award.

A key concern for the organization is the promotion and safeguarding of quality standards in PR and communication management. For this purpose, DPRG has issued principles, guidelines and a professional mission statement for the sector. In the exercise of their profession, DPRG members are under an obligation to comply with the good conduct principles of the "Code d'Athènes" and the "Code de Lisbonne".

As one of the members of Deutscher Rat für Public Relations (DRPR – German Public Relations Council), DPRG is involved in the self-regulation of the sector, with the objective of identifying irregularities and highlighting misconduct.

Together with industry associations "Bundesverband deutscher Pressesprecher" (BdP) and "Gesellschaft Public Relations Agenturen" (GPRA), DPRG established the "Prüfungs- und Zertifizierungsorganisation der deutschen Kommunikationswirtschaft" (PZOK – "Auditing and Certification Organization of the German Communication Industry). One of the objectives of PZOK is to carry out high-quality, standardized, impartial audits in the PR sector.

The future of the association is the future of the profession

Where are the PR profession and DPRG heading? Who will take the lead in the future? Holistically oriented communications managers or PR specialist? A hearing with association representatives, specialists and academics in Worms provided some initial suggestions with reference to these questions. The strategy paper developed on the basis of the hearing is being discussed by DPRG state groups and working parties as well as at General Meetings. One key element is the selection and development of key topics to promote the development of competence within the association and the positioning of DPRG on the communication market. These topics are covered by national working parties and are also reflected by the programs of the DPRG state groups.

Our main emphases

The main emphases of DPRG are reflected by its working parties. Of the total of 14 working parties, the following represent these key areas:
• CSR communications
• International PR
• Internal communications
• Added value
• Social media

Involvement and codetermination – the bodies of DPRG

The members of DPRG shape the activities of the association and help determine public perceptions of the association and the PR and communications profession on various levels and in a number of functions.

Every member counts

All members of the association are entitled to attend the General Meeting, which is held in the first six months of each year in accordance with the association's bye-laws. The main duties of the General Meeting are to elect and supervise the Executive Committee, to ratify the actions of the Executive Committee and to resolve on motions which have been proposed by members.


The Federal Executive Committee is the management body of the association and makes decisions on all matters concerning the association unless otherwise stated in the association's bye-laws. In particular, the Executive Committee represents the interests of the profession, maintains the policy principles and guidelines of the association and implements decisions taken by the General Meeting. The Executive Committee is elected for a term of three years.

Codetermination in practice

The Main Committee of the association, which meets at least once per year, includes representatives of the Executive Committee, the state groups, the working parties, the Members' Meeting and the honorary members. It must be consulted with respect to, and approve, all major decisions of the types listed in the association's bye-laws.

Regional and local activities

The DPRG state groups shape the activities of the association in the various cities and regions. They organize events on various topics, providing members with a platform for an exchange of opinions on professional matters and networking. The activities of the regional groups are organized and coordinated by the Regional Committees, which are elected for three years in the same way as the national executive committee. If appropriate, regional groups may also be established.

Maintaining ethical standards

The task of the Ethics Committee is to protect the professional reputation of each individual member and to identify and sanction any infringements of the principles and interests of the public relations profession. The decisions of the Ethics Committee are based especially on the Code d’ Athènes and the Code de Lisbonne.

Your contact with DPRG

IF you need further information on membership or have any questions concerning cooperation, just go to our website at www.dprg.de or contact our headquarters
Bundesgeschäftsstelle der
Deutschen Public Relations Gesellschaft e.V.
Novalisstraße 10
10115 Berlin

Phone: +49 (030) 80 40 97-33
Fax: +49 (030) 80 40 97-34
Email: info@dprg.de

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